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Our Programs

High quality childcare and early education improve overall health of children. Children’s day –to-day experiences affect the structural and functional development of their brain, including personality and intelligence. Infants and toddlers need care and education and close, nurturing relationships that provide them with a firm base for exploration, learning and discovery. The infant and toddler programs that we offer have a lasting impact on their future success.

Infant Program (2 Months – 18 Months)

Our infant program is well prepared to improve early sensory skills in a safe, calm, and nurturing environment. Infants learn the world through their immediate environment and our infant room is prepared so that everything is proportioned to their ages. Your child is being cared by well experienced and qualified care providers and they interact with your babies to stimulate sensory, cognitive, language, social, and emotional needs. We focus on all aspects of your child’s development.

Toddler Program

Practical Life

Practical life activities include activities of everyday life which they are involved in all aspects of life. The child gains the knowledge by observing these activities in their immediate environment. These practical life activities help them to learn how to care themselves, how to care the environment, grace and courtesy, and movement of objects.

Sensorial Exercise

Sensorial exercises help the child to adjust in all kind of circumstances by developing child’s five senses. These exercises are designed to help the child’s mind develop the necessary skills for future intellectual learning. Children learn how to observer, compare and make decisions through these exercises.


Language exercises help them to develop children’s oral, writing and reading skills. We encourage children in reading and participating in discussion among them.


Children learn shape, space, numbers and their relationships and attributes by the use of numbers and symbols. We also, use multiple Montessori materials to develop basic mathematic concept such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These hands – on exercises help them to understand the numerical relationship between numbers.

Cultural Area

Cultural activities are designed to teach history, geography, astronomy, art, music and movement.

Science Activities

Health Science

Self - esteem, system of the human body, Nutrition , physical education. Microscopic Organisms Matter – Atoms and molecules, elements, compounds, and mixtures, etc.


Basic needs of palnts, Parts of trees and shrubs, identifying root system, leaves, seeds, fruits, Growing and Caring indoor and outdoor plants, etc.


The different between plants and animals, Basic needs of animals, Lifecycles, foodcahins, Human organ system etc.


We offer wide array of scientific principles under science activities.

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